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How to Measure

We understand that measuring for curtains and blinds can be a nerve-wracking experience.  Follow our simple measuring guide and you won’t go wrong.  We’re on hand to answer any questions – just get in touch.


We are happy to work in inches or cm.  We tend to measure curtains and blinds in inches as it is a more rounded measurement.  Centimetres can be a more accurate way to take inside recess measurements and we tend to use cm for products like Venetian and roller blinds.

Please stick to the same measurement unit throughout your measuring.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds can go inside or outside of the recess.

Inside the recess

Measure at the top, middle and bottom across the width and use the smallest measurement.

Measure in the same way on the drop, again taking the smallest measurement.

We then advise you take 5mm or ¼”  from those measurements for clearance.

Pay special attention in older houses.  Never assume that two windows that look the same are the same!

Outside the recess

A blind can be made to suit the space available and to your specification.

As a rule, we allow 1-2″ past the sill each side, 5″ above the recess and 3″ below the recess.

If there are any obstructions, e.g. coving, radiators etc, please take this into account.


Track or pole width

Measure the full width of your track or between the finials of your pole.

Length or drop

For Tracks

Take ether measurement from the top of the track to the point at which you would like the curtain to finish.

If you would like fabric to cover the track or stand above it (for ruffle top curtains for example) please measure from the eye of the runner to the top of the track.  This will be a small measurement of a few cm, or an inch or so.  This is the hook position.

For poles

Take the measurement from the bottom of the ring to the point at which you would like the curtain to finish.  There are two parts to a curtain ring; the ring and the eye.  The eye is where the hook goes.  We measure from the bottom of the main ring to allow the eye to be covered by the curtain.

Finished drops

We always advise a minimum of ¼” clearance for long curtains, ½” where fabric is heavy – we can advise on this.

We tend to take short curtains 3-5″ past a sill, dependent on any surfaces or radiators sitting beneath – use ¼” to ½” for clearance in this case.

Please send photos and ask for advice if you are unsure.

Curtains can also sit just on to the floor – know as a break – or drape decadently onto the floor in a puddle.  For a break we tend to add 1″ to the drop.  For a puddle it is advisable to use 4″ or more – 6″ is usually ample.