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BlindScreen – the versatile new product we love!

Introducing BlindScreen. This new product, designed and manufactured in the UK, is a fantastic window treatment with many uses.

What is it?

  • BlindScreen is frame fitted blind that pulls across the window recess
  • There are three fabric choices: Light Seal (blackout), Scene Set (dim-out), Breeze In (insect screen)
  • A Light Seal BlindScreen offers 100% blackout guaranteed
  • It can be used on windows, doors, skylights, lantern lights, patio doors and bi-fold doors
  • Fabrics can be combined – Light Seal and Breeze In for example
  • It can also be used as a room divider or outdoor screen
  • BlindScreen has fantastic thermal efficiency properties keeping you cool in the summer and saving you money in the winter

Energy Saving

Our preliminary results have vastly

exceeded expectations, especially in the

rapid stabilisation of temperatures achieved

with the Light Seal and Scene Set Fabrics

Dr Mounia Karim, AFHEA, Senior Researcher in Zero Carbon, University of Derby

BlindScreen have collaborated with Derby University for empirical evaluation of fabric materials, focusing on thermal efficacy and energy efficiency through independent laboratory assays and case studies. Initial results show that this is one of the most effective energy saving products on the market which means lower heating bills and cooler ambient temperatures during summer heat.

How can I use it?

Two of the most straightforward applications are in bedrooms and on bifold doors:

In Bedrooms

Achieve total blackout for a great night’s sleep.

Add in a screen to keep out insects during the day

Combine with other window treatments such as blackout curtains or a roman blind

On Bifolds

A neat solution for bifold doors.

Use a Light Seal fabric for cinema rooms and benefit from the amazing insulating properties.

Add a Breeze In screen to allow air flow whilst keeping bugs out

Fabric options

Light Seal

Light Seal is a 100% total blackout honeycomb fabric, it has an aluminium Mmembrane, which blocks sunlight & UV rays, anti-sun fade, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Currently available in white, beige, light grey, dark grey and black with more colours pending.

Scene Set

Scene Set honeycomb fabric, masterfully filters 50% light, subtly curating an intimate, harmonious ambiance in rooms.

Currently available in white, beige, light grey, dark grey and black with more colours pending.

Breeze In

Pleated mesh: optimal ventilation, abundant light, and 90% vision. unparalleled durability, easy operation, stable shape, extended service life. eco-friendly, cost-effective, waterproof.

Currently available in white, grey and black.

There are so many applications for this versatile product, why not make an appointment to discuss your needs with the team.