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Bi-fold doors: 5 innovative solutions for bi-fold door blinds

If you didn’t opt for integral blinds in your bi-fold doors and are now regretting it, don’t worry! There are several options available to block out the sun from your bi-fold doors that can be fitted retrospectively. 

One issue with retro-fitting blinds is that they must sit on the outside of the double glazed unit so you are limited by the depth of the frame – often only around 16mm. This hugely limits what’s possible. However, there are several made-to-measure solutions out there in the market. Here are our favourite five: 

  1. Intu-micro
    Intu-micros are a take on tensioned pleated blinds and give the most similar look to the integral bi-fold door blinds. Available in a range of colours, the 16mm pleat size allows this compact system to be installed where others cannot. As the name suggests, these pleated blinds have smaller pleats than standard tension blinds, meaning that they can fit into a depth of only 11mm. Available in ‘bead fit’ they do not require any screwing into the door frames.
  2. Allusion blinds
    The Allusion blind features the delicacy of a voile curtain, while providing the versatility of a vertical blind. Allusion blinds really come into their own when used on bi-fold doors where the unique flowing fabric vanes allow you to make the most of the light. Our favourite feature is the fact that you can ‘walk through’ the blind, even though they appear closed.

  3. Vertical wave blinds
    Vertical wave blinds combine the functionality of the classic vertical blind with a contemporary twist. However that is where the similarity with vertical blinds ends. The typical chains you see along the bottom are long gone and are replaced with integral weights. Available in manual and electric operation, the three laser cut shapes available – coupled with an array of colours options – creates the most innovative bi-fold door solution we’ve seen.
  4. Wave panel glide system
    The Wave panel glide system creates the perfect blend of light and shade. The elegant wave forms allow natural light to enhance your room and gives you really unusual visual and shading effects. The system works by attaching curved fabric carriers to two parallel ceiling fixed tracks fixed 15cm apart. The carriers transport the fabric panels along the profiles with left or right-sided assembly.
  5. Vision blinds
    Vision blinds are fitted to the ceiling above the bi-fold doors and work independently of the doors. Consisting of two layers of opaque and translucent striped fabrics that slide past one another, they offer different levels of light-blocking and privacy as well as going completely up and down – much like a classic roller blind. Housed in smart cassettes and available in a variety of colours, vision blinds offer a cost effective, polished, modern solution.