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10 reasons why you need shutters in your home

Faux wood shutters combine the traditional design of natural wood with the practical advantages of high-tech materials. Here are 10 reasons to choose faux wood shutters for your home.

1. Durable, versatile and stand the test of time
Faux wood shutters are made from a quality, hard-wearing material that will stand the test of time and come with a 10 year guarantee*. They are also waterproof so are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and even wet rooms.

2. Add value to your home
Shutters are a great way to add value to your home as they are considered part of the fixtures and fittings that come with the house. Good quality shutters help to add curb appeal to a property and can even increase the resale value.

3. Flexible control of privacy and light
Full height shutters provide maximum privacy and light control. Tier-on-tier shutters allow you to open up the top and bottom part of the window independently. Cafe style shutters cover only the bottom section of the window and leave the top part uncovered.

4. Energy efficient
Shutters help to reduce utility bills by providing extra insulation between the interior of the room and the glass and are ideal for keeping homes warm in winter and cool in summer. Tests on faux wood shutters showed a difference of 3°c between a room with shutters closed compared to shutters open**.

5. Great for unusual shaped windows
In properties that have unusual shaped windows like arches, trapezoids, or even triangular windows, finding a suitable window dressing can be an issue. Faux wood shutters are made bespoke to fit your exact window.

6. Noise reduction
In addition to heat, shutters are a really effective way to help reduce noise pollution that may enter your home. They help to create a barrier across the window that absorbs noise.

7. Easy maintenance
Faux wood shutters are made from an advanced, solid-core composite material and their special finish stands up to moisture, heat, and ultraviolet rays. They can even be showered down for cleaning!

8. Made in the UK
Faux wood shutters are made in the UK which, as well as supports the culture of buying local, keeps the carbon footprint of your purchase low.

9. Short lead time
Because the faux wood shutters are made here in the UK it means the lead-time is greatly reduced. Typically faux wood shutters can be installed within 4 weeks from the point of order.

10. Child-friendly
Shutters don’t have any cords and the slats are simply moved by hand making them much safer for children to operate.

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